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Under Construction

My Process

Project Thumbnails

All of my projects start in the sketchbook working with a client, Art Director, or just myself flushing out the main ideas of the image.   Whether I’m working on a gallery painting, an illustration, or a themed design, everything needs this step to establish composition, concept, and style.  Often this stage brings an idea or concept that I didn’t realize existed in my head.  Like I tell my grade school classes I visit to do demos, “No erasers allowed!”


Research and Tight Sketches

After I have chosen the direction from the thumbnails I proceed to “flushing out” the image with tracing paper – adding tighter lines, sketching values in, and even do some reference research when needed.  It is during this stage of my image making where I really do the heavy lifting.  Getting it right and forming the best composition is imperative during this stage.


Final Painting

Sometimes the easiest part of my process is here at this final stage.  Painting, drawing, and creating happens to be what comes the most natural to me.  Sometimes happy accidents happen on the final canvas opening up new aspects of the image but usually by the time I reach this part of the process most of the image is finished in my head before actually putting paint to substrate.